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Story of Alberta Williams

Alberta Gail Williams, 24, was living with her sister in a downtown Vancouver apartment when they decided to take a break from city life and try out seasonal work in northern British Columbia for the summer.

On September 25, 1989, her body was found on the outskirts of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. In 2006, her death was added to Project E-PANA, the police task force that investigates disappearances and murders along B.C’s Highway of Tears. In 2016, her story was part of an eight-episode CBC podcast, called Missing and Murdered, by Connie Walker. The podcast helped uncover new information that was never used by the RCMP, including a witness who was never interviewed by the police.

In July 2017, Alberta’s brother, Francis Williams created a memorial cross where her body was found in 1989 in hopes that it will help someone come forward.


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