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What does Volunteering at The Canadian Library Look Like?

The Canadian Library is a nonprofit initiative that runs on the help of volunteers. True reconciliation begins discussions, reflections and learning, and with contributing to an important initiative that is raising awareness.

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Volunteering at TCL is an effective team building activity

Volunteering at TCL is an effective team building activity - Maybe you want to help build a Micro Gallery at your corporate office, create installations at other business locations, or hold an event to help cover books.

Looking for Student Volunteering Opportunities?

Students in high school can collect hours toward their graduation requirements for community service. In search of a cause to devote your valuable time to? We guarantee that by contributing to a worthwhile cause, you will gain a better understanding and feel fulfilled. Volunteering at TCL will benefit both newcomers to Canada and born and bred Canadians. It is necessary for us as a society to reflect on and learn about the First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people's history, sacrifices, cultures, contributions, and strengths.


Volunteering Testimony

St. Augustine Catholic High School has become part of The Canadian Library project, their students volunteering in wrapping books with indigenous fabrics, a big hand in building Micro Galleries together.


St. Augustine CHS



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