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What is an installation art Micro Gallery?

A Micro Gallery is a temporary art installation, on a smaller scale, where individuals can see books wrapped in Indigenous materials, before being moved to a permanent installation. (to be determined at a later date). 

​A Micro Gallery is a means of educating Canadians on the important issues surrounding MMIWG and children and starting important conversations.

Who Can Build a Micro Gallery

Businesses and local establishments are at the core of our project. If the idea of The Canadian Library appeals to you, you can create your own Micro Gallery.

Any type of establishment can easily install a micro gallery.

Cafe Owners

Coffee Shop

Office man

Business offices



or any other facility that people in your neighbourhood frequent

How do you go about creating a Micro Gallery?


Assembling Your Bookshelf


Visit a nearby IKEA and purchase the Billy bookcase.


All of the Micro Galleries are intended to have a uniform appearance so that visitors will not have any trouble identifying them.


Gathering The Books


The books need to be hardcover in order to hold the fabric well. Are many of your visitors' young families? Create a Micro Gallery out of hardcover children's books. By involving children, it helps to establish an understanding and an awareness of the importance of the project.


Purchasing The Fabrics


Once you have the books and the fabric, TCL volunteers will assist you on how to cover the books.


Finally, the names of the murdered or missing Indigenous women or children will be placed on the spines of the covered books.

Pro-tip: There are numerous locations throughout the city that sell used books as well. For example, Value Village. You can even organize a drive where people can donate books. Ensure the books are in good condition in order for them to be covered properly.


Your Micro Gallery is Live


Your established Micro Gallery is now ready to be viewed and the start of settlers being educated.


Creating important conversations and an understanding of the inequalities that exist in Canada is the key towards establishing true reconciliation.


Gathering of all Micro Galleries


TCL’s ultimate goal is to gather all of the Micro Galleries from across Canada and have them displayed in one final resting place.  
Creating one massive art installation in one of our major museums or galleries will continue to serve as a living memorial as well as a conversation starter and an educational tool for all, for years to come.


Want your Micro Gallery to Remain?

We will help you can create a new Micro Gallery as a duplicate of your original one should you wish to have one permanently displayed in your establishment.

Contact us today to start setting up your Micro Gallery!

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