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The Canadian Library volunteers have been working very hard, and the support from donors have been inspiring.

If you have some comments, suggestions, or if you’d just like to say “thank you”, please let the team know.

Dana Korba

Lead photographer, TCL team

Being a part of The Canadian Library has truly meant the world to me. It has been a space where we can come together to smile, to shed tears and to share important stories of our collective experiences both from the past, and present.
I think that we have just scratched the surface on what Canadians even know about how Indigenous people were and are treated. Through our work and with many, many hands, we hope that by sharing a tiny glimpse of these beautiful lives lost, they will not be forgotten.

Through my lens:
I have had the incredible honour of being invited into this amazing circle of humans, to form The Canadian Library. Each of us comes together collectively to share their own unique gift and expertise. Together, we work as a well-oiled machine, trudging ahead to carve out a tiny space in the lives of Canadians everywhere.
As the lead photographer, I have had the privilege to meet and capture some incredible indigenous fabrics, people and even visit some amazing spaces.
Through my lens I get to feel and witness all of the love, sadness and hope we have for our beautiful Indigenous friends and family. We want you to look at these images and art installations and FEEL the importance of our mission. By starting conversations about these beautiful lives lost, our Indigenous friends will not be forgotten.
Honour •Respect•Educate
Thank you for your support.

Sharon Gusz

The Canadian Library allows those of us who might otherwise feel distant to the issues of missing Indigenous women and girls, a highly visual way to reflect  and contribute. Ironing book covers can be completely individually or as part of group activity with emotions and stories being shared.

Leena Mistry

Member, TCL team

When first approached, with the idea of honouring murdered and missing Indigenous women and children, by putting together an art installation of fabric covered books, I did not think this would have any impact in creating awareness. However, during brainstorming sessions on how the idea would become a reality, I became aware, I was learning, acknowledging, and taking responsibility for the actions of the colonizers’ impact on the lives of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. The Canadian Library is bringing together like minded people who, with humility, are having conversations about the true history of Canada, the impact of residential schools, the lives of what Indigenous women and girls faced and continue to face today. Whether covering books, making scrunchies, reading the stories about the women and children, participating in The Canadian Library art installation project is something I will never forget.  

Georgia Smith

Member, TCL team

As a Canadian, as a parent, and frankly as a human being, I was absolutely mortified by the discovery of the mass unmarked graves of Indigenous children.  As more sites were discovered, the more devastated and disgusted I became.  How was this allowed to happen? How did I not know my own country's history?!  When I learned about The Canadian Library project, I reached out to help anyway I could. I wanted to help because it is crucial that we face our past and honour the missing and murdered Indigenous Women and Children. Not knowing isn't an option anymore.  My hope is that this Art Installation will be a step forward towards increased awareness and healing.

Shanta Sundarason

Team Lead, TCL team

Being the founding member of The Canadian Library is still very surreal.
I have been a huge advocate and fighter for justice for all First Nations, Metis and Inuit  Peoples since I learnt about the true history of Canada only a decade ago.
I have no words to express the pain and anger at learning that there are Canadians - still to this very day - that do not have clean drinking water.
To learn that children were brainwashed and abused in schools run by Christians, the very religion that I was brought up with, has been painful.
To learn that missing and murdered Indigenous women were and still are treated with complete disregard disgusts me.
It has been a struggle for me to come to terms with the injustices and inequality that exists here in Canada, but I am determined to do my part, to use my voice and my strengths to help make a positive difference in any way I can.
I strongly believe that conversations and education is the primary solution to bringing about true reconciliation and hence my journey with the Canadian Library.
I cannot be prouder of what we have achieved to date as a family of settlers and Indigenous Peoples, coming together to share and educate.

We strive to learn, to understand, to demand justice and equality and to bring about true, honest, reconciliation.

Chean Chan

Member, TCL team

I am honoured to be a part this incredible initiative, The Canadian Library. It's a huge privilege to be working alongside some of the most caring and dedicated human beings who are always willing and ready to step up to the plate no matter the task. It's a beautiful initiative by which we want to Honour, Respect and Remember the many indigenous lives lost senselessly. Being part of TLC, weather covering books, sewing the quilt, gathering information for the project has opened my eyes and heart to the injustice endured by the Indigenous peoples then and now. My greatest hope is that with this initiative we are able to educate our future generations to treat and respect all human beings, be it indigenous or otherwise, equally.

"I alone cannot change the World, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." - Mother Teresa

Li & Co

Looking at the colours and patterns of fabrics, you can feel the richness of lifetimes of stories and histories.