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Story of Rhonda Running Bird

Running Bird is remembered as a loving daughter and mother from the Siksika Nation in Alberta. Growing up, she enjoyed traditional beading she learned from her mother.

When she was born, Mavis Crowchild (mother) told her “You’re going to be a traditional girl.”

Running Bird has been missing since March 26, 1995. She was last seen with her partner, Fred Lagrelle, while leaving for a hunting trip. Police have not determined foul play; Lagrelle passed away 2016.

“I know I’ll never see my sister. I’ll never get to say hi. I’ll never get to hear her laugh. I’ll never get to hear her say, ‘I love you,’ or, ‘I’ll see you next time.”

“In the Blackfoot language, there is no word for goodbye.”- Keith Running Bird (Brother)


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