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The Canadian Library (TCL) is a grassroots art installation project that will act as a memorial to all Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls (MMIWG2S) and Children.


Our goal is to cover 8,000 books in Indigenous fabric as a testament to the lives lost. Stories that have been gathered from all across Canada will be published on our website. They will function in conjunction with the installation and supplement our library.

The Canadian Library is an initiative that was started to promote three objectives

Open Dialogue

By offering a platform to share stories and learn from each other

Educate Canadians

On the true history of Canada, the impact of colonialism on the lives of Indigenous Peoples in Canada


A proactive approach towards True Reconciliation

Indigenous designed fabrics cover the books in the bookcases, and are a reflection of the unique lives of the women whose names are embossed on the books. The memories of the women as told by their loved ones resonate with stunning reality across Canada.  The need in society to be part of the solution and help take part is realized by the many hands who help cover and create the art pieces. These beautiful bookcases are stunning momentos that will never let us forget the murdered and missing women of Canada.

linda manyguns

Calgary, Alberta

Land Acknowledgement

The Canadian Library acknowledges and honours Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Girls (MMIWG2S) and children whose lives were violently taken by the hands of colonizers and settlers. The Library recognizes and acknowledges the effect of residential schools and colonialism on Indigenous families and communities and to consider how the Library will aim to move forward in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.

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