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Story of Kellie Little

Kellie was born Richard Little in 1969 in Campbell River, B.C. According to Wally Oppal’s 2012 missing women report, when Little was three, she and her siblings were taken from their mother and placed in foster care.

Kellie had significant physical difficulties, including a hair lip, only one kidney, jaw deformity, dental problems that required jaw screws and severe hearing loss. She had a troubled youth, attempted suicide when she was 15 and spent time in jail as an adult.

Oppal’s report says at some point, Kellie began dressing as a woman and taking hormones. In April 1997, 28-year-old Kellie stayed overnight with a friend of Robert Pickton’s. She went downtown to work in Vancouver’s Lower East Side and was never seen again.

Her landlady reported her missing. It was unusual for her to be away that long and to neglect her pet cat.


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