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Story of Christine Marion West

Christine West is remembered as a strong sister and daughter. She performed traditional drumming as a member of the Khast’an Drummers.

Christin West was found in her apartment on August 7, 2021 after her family reported her missing. Her sister, Nicole, told the Prince George Citizen that West recently had a phone stolen and was being stalked — but the police didn’t care and didn’t believe her.

“My beautiful sister Christin. She was taken from us far too soon. She had a huge life to live…She was a good person. A good soul. She did not deserve to be taken from us and we need to start banding together and protecting our sisters. We are going to keep losing them if this keeps happening.” – Nicole (Sister), Prince George Citizen

Family, friends, and community members walked to mourn West along a route from the RCMP detachment to her apartment. People carried signs with the messages “Justice for Christin” and “Indigenous Lives Matter.” The Khast’an Drummers drummed and sang in her honour. The march closed with the Women’s Warrior Song.


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